4 Ways to Speed Up Your Shopify Store and Improve Conversion in 2020

Created: Oct. 31, 2020, 12:37 p.m.

Website speed is critical to the customer experience and has a direct impact on conversion rates. No one wants to shop at an online store that is slow to open.

We can look at this as the effect of website open time on bounce rate.

  • 1-3S: 32% increase in visitor bounce rate
  • 1-5S: 90% increase in bounce rate of visitors
  • 1-6S: 106% increase in visitor bounce rate
  • 1-10S: 123% increase in visitor bounce rate


So, no matter how attractive your website product is, if it is too slow users will not hesitate to leave your website. In addition, from the point of view of Google search optimization, Google is committed to provide visitors with the best user experience on the web, if your site is open for a long time, the ranking will be greatly affected.

How to check your Shopify store website speed?

Desktop Check website: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

Check the website for mobile: https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/feature/testmysite

How to speed up your shopify store website in 2020

  1. Using a simple theme

Many people use the theme is too large, it will also lead to slow open speed, generally choose a responsive theme, responsive theme will not load all the web content at once, but according to the visitor to view that part of the load that part, can effectively improve access speed.

  1. Don't install too many apps

A lot of beginners like to install various apps for their shopify stores, but most of the apps don't really get used. This is the time to remove them, and a shopify store using 3 to 5 apps is usually sufficient for most needs.

  1. use compresspng.com to compress your images

As we all know, e-commerce site shopify stores can have a lot of images of products, and too many images can seriously affect the speed of the Internet. A free tool is recommended: https://compresspng.com/.

It can compress PNG, JPEG format images, generally can compress the size of the image by more than 50%.

  1. Implementation of AMP pages

AMP is an initiative recently created by Google to accelerate the mobile web. It converts portions of your Shopify store into AMP and uses Google to index your pages for almost instant load times and higher mobile search results. Of course, you may need to know a little bit about this feature, but here we recommend using the backend app : Shop Sheriff.

You can check how fast their website access, here to emphasize the mobile site access speed is very important, both for Google rankings or user experience is very important.