Anti-Skid Tire Block ( in pair )

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The revolutionary, Anti-Skid Tire Block Set of 2 is an innovative and inexpensive device that can quickly and easily be strapped to the drive wheels of an immobilized vehicle. It then enables that vehicle, (whether it's stuck in sand, mud or snow) to get unstuck, quickly and under its own power!

GET UNSTUCK WITH ANTI-SKID TIRE BLOCK - a quick, simple and effective solution when your vehicle is stranded in all types of terrain and adverse weather conditions. Rescue yourself with this must-have vehicle recovery tool - no need for expensive tow trucks

HOW DOES IT WORK – these tire traction straps help your slipping tires get unstuck from poor traction situations such as snow, ice, sand or mud. A perfect car emergency kit item for winter weather and a must-have device for hunters and outdoor adventurists

HOW TO USE - install at first sign of losing traction. Secure one Anti-Skid Tire Block to each drive wheel and keep front tires straight. Clear away any resistance. Slowly apply power (5mph) and let the Anti-Skid Tire Block engage, lift and move the vehicle to stable terrain

THE ULTIMATE TIRE GRABBER - recommended for use on your two-wheel-drive car, minivan, small SUV, ATV or UTV. Each block measures 8" (L) x 3" (W) x 1" (D). Strap Size 1.5" x 39"

BE PREPARED THIS WINTER – this easy to install emergency car kit device can be used over and over again. Made with durable and premium EPDM rubber, heavy-duty "D" rings, reinforced tire straps and carrying bag for easy storage

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Anti-Skid Tire Block ( in pair )

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Anti-Skid Tire Block ( in pair )